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    Web Services Agent Gateway (WSAG)

    The Agent Gateway itself is a web application running within some servlet container (Tomcat 4.x). From the other point of view it is possible to consider the Gateway as a whole servlet container. It serves as an execution environment for Gateway Agents. The Gateway Agent does the actual transition from an agent service to a web service for the concrete Target Agent. (See Agent Generator in order to create a Gateway Agent.)

    Go to the download page to obtain the Agent Gateway and read the installation instructions for deploying it.


  • Installation / uninstallation of a Gateway Agent.
  • Deployment / undeployment of a Gateway Agent as a web service.
  • Registration / deregistration of a Web Service into the UDDI registry.
  • Registration / deregistration of an organization into the UDDI registry.
  • Configuration of the Gateway.
  • List of installed Gateway Agents.
  • List of deployed web services.
  • List of registered organizations.
  • Runtime status of the Gateway.
  • Gateway Agent Generator.
  • Test of the Gateway.
  • Documentation.

Last update: July 21, 2003

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