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    Future Work and Ideas

  • Allow the addressing of multiple target agents so that even more complex conversations with multiple participants are possible.

  • Enhance the generator output, so that the generated code uses a FIPA REQUEST and INFORM and supports the signature of the initial interface (which could include multiple parameters). The current code line msg.setContent("place your content here"); would have to be changed so that the parameters are automatically inserted. The gateway could then function properly without any code changes by the user, assuming the targeted agent service supports the REQUEST and INFORM message types (communicative acts).

  • Possible integration of the SZTAKI solution, the WSDL2JADE tool, so that the agetway supports both communication directions.

  • Add a login page and some user management functionality to the gateway.

  • Embed the generator script into the gateway, so that the gateway executes the script automatically.

  • Allow the user to choose the targeted agent service by browsing the DF of a targeted agent platform and chosing the service this way. The service description could be analyzed and depending on the provided interface, the correct interaction protocols and parameters in the message could be set (semi-)automatically.

  • Allow to configure IIOP as the MTP (currently only HTTP is supported).

Last update: July 21, 2003

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