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We still keep the source and other resources available for anyone interested. However, we are no longer able to provide any support for this open source project.

The JADE project has alternative ways to integrate with WebServices, using the WSIG project. Please check out these resources:



    Web Services Agent Integration Project


    The Web Services Agent Integration project has been developed within the Agentcities.NET project (ID: ACNET.02.42). The purpose of the Web Services Agent Integration project is to make a transition between the agent world and the web services world. This means that it would be possible to publish an agent as a web service.

    The implementation of the project consists of two main components: the Agent Gateway (WSAG) and the Agent Generator. The Agent Gateway does the actual transition from agents to web services. The Agent Generator is a supporting tool for generating Gateway Agents - entities which provide a concrete web service interface for a particular agent.

    The Agent Gateway (WSAG) and the Agent Generator are both implemented using JADE.


    The support of this open source project has been terminated. We are no longer able to provide any support for this project. We still keep all files available for anyone who is interested to continue the work.

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